Turning Center PU - Type CC


The Compact Series Type CC carries the advantages of type CP and uses the same concept of dual radial piston pump coupled to a 250W oil Immersed electric motor, but with a 25lts hydraulic oil tank and is designed for continuous usage. It is designed for CNC turning centres with multiple applications including chuck clamp, tail stock clamp, turret clamp and parts catcher among others. The design bring tremendous savings in power consumption, oil usage and floor space. 

The power-unit may be combined with a completely modular valve bank with a wide variety of valve choices including pressure reducing valves, direction control valves and pilot operated check valves. The unique sandwich design using cartridge valves, not only make the system compact and easy to assembly; they are also maintenance friendly.

Key Features:
• Compact foot print design that occupies lesser floor space
• Hydraulic oil tank of 25lts capacity
• Oil immersed motor with 250W reduces heat input into system 
• Direct coupled rugged Radial Piston Pump (dual flow type) 
• Parallel cooling circuit for enhanced cooling 
• High efficiency air-oil cooler for continuous operation
• Sandwich design stack-able valves for multiple applications