Pressure Switch (PSB/PSR/PST)


FLUIDIK™ PSB/R/T are Electro-hydraulic piston type switches with single switching point that is settable over a wide range of pressures. These switches are used to trigger an electrical signal when a set pressure is achieved or exceeded. Designed for rugged and trouble free performance,these switches available as block/ sub-plate and line mounted versions.

Key Features:
• Wide settable pressure range from 10 to 700kgf/sq. cm
• Plug-in connector with LED connector as option
• Damping feature standard in line mounted design
• Micro-switch based & settable as normally open (NO) or as normally closed(NC)
• Up to 230V; max current of 5A
• Available as 4-bolt manifold, 2-bolt manifold and line mounted option