Check Valve (CVK/CVB/LCK)


FLUIDIK™ non-return valves stop oil flow in one direction and allow free flowin opposite direction. In the closed position, the valves isolate the hydrauliccircuit and are designed for zero leakage. The valves are available in twovariants, cartridge/screw-in type and line-mounted version with housing.These ball type spring-loaded check valves are designed for handling highpressure and are dirt tolerant.

Key Features:
• Screw-in cartridge type or line mounted design options
• Zero leakage valves when closed
• Available in both directions (A to B and B to A)
• Alloy steel for wear resistance and surface protection to avoid corrosion
• Installation tools and cavity tools also available on request
• Custom cracking pressure options available on request (Preload Check Valve)