Radial Piston Pump (RP/HP)


FLUIDIK™ radial piston pumps are used in applications that involve high operating pressures viz. hydraulic presses, plastic processing and hydraulic equipment including jacks, torqueing, crimping, bolting, test benches and special applications. The rugged design and construction of these pumps make it ideal for pressures beyond 350kgf/sq.cm.

Key Features:
Rugged, yet compact and light weight construction
Constant delivery pump that use high efficiency elements
Wide choice of flow and pressure to meet exact flow requirements
Multi-level placement of elements to facilitate compact design
Suitable for speeds ranging from 100 to 3000rpm
Extended shaft design available as option (RPE1/HPE1…)
Extended shaft with Bell-housing & coupling available as option
• Available in Open Casing design (RPO/HPO)