Pneumatic Torque Wrench Pump (FTW-PN)


FLUIDIK FTW-PN are air operated hydraulic torque wrench power-unit and pump is designed for working in harsh industrial environments where electrical supply is not available and/or not recommended.  The power-unit is compatible with a variety of standard torque tools.

Rugged yet light weight in construction, the power-unit is protected by an enclosure and is handy to carry around the application sites. The 2-stage oil immersed radial pump driven by a pneumatic (air) motor enables long lasting trouble free performance and faster torque operation. 

Key Features:

• Low weight and compact dimensions for easy handling
• Safety enclosure/ frame as standard
• Maximum operating pressure of 700bar
• 2-stage radial piston pump for “rapid torqueing”
• High efficiency air motor with in-built cooler
• Built-in high flow FRL unit with regulator
• Ergonomic control pendant with 5m cable 
• Gauge display in bar/psi