Code for Business Conduct (COBC)

The “Core Values” are the essence of FLUIDIK™ that define who we are and what we do. The values serve as beacons that guide our actions and help us sail through challenging and difficult dilemmas. Each and every employee associated with FLUIDIK™ is a custodian of these values.

1. Customer Centricity - Satisfying all legitimate expectations of our customers by way of our business activities in-general & specifically through our products and services is our responsibility. Ensuring that the customer plays a central role in our business is the only way to ensure our existence and growth.

2. Innovation – Our attitude towards new methods, ideas and products will define the value that we offer to our customers. Innovation is that necessary basic attitude that we will inculcate within our organization.

3. Value – In a competitive market place, our value proposition to the customer is the only way to sustain business and grow. Our value proposition to the customer shall be superior performance, reliability and affordability.

4. Quality – Our products are used in demanding applications and it is our responsibility to ensure non-negotiable quality of our products. Quality not only to guarantee performance efficiency, but also safety to equipment and personnel using our products.

5. Ethics – A company that conducts business in an ethical manner commands respect not only from within, but also from others including suppliers, customers and society. Sustainable businesses can only be built on a platform of ethical behaviour.

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